James & Edith Wedding Day

James and Edith had a beautiful September day for their wedding. I loved communicating with Edith over the summer, she was very organized and communicative. My first impression of James and Edith was that they were going to be a sweet, quiet couple. Well, they were certainly sweet, but very caring and genuine. I really enjoyed this day with them, they were very easy to be around. They weren’t boisterous, but they weren’t as quiet as my first impression. 🙂

They planned an indoor ceremony, and a tent reception, complete with a sky lantern send off, and their getaway vehicle was a tractor. They went with a rustic theme, with lots of sunflowers. The cake was gorgeous!

Scroll on to see their entire day.

My second shooter: Laura Yoder

In Memory of Edith’s mother, who passed away very recently, just shy of 4 months after this wedding day. I only met her on this day, but she was a sweet, beautiful lady.

I love black and white candids.

There were so many tiny babies at this wedding. Someone said that there were three babies there that were 2 weeks old!

We snuck away from the reception for a few golden sunset photos. No regrets.

Congratulations, James and Edith. All my very best as you walk through life together.

Love, Lisa

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